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The Dog Who Cried Woof! (clifford The Big Red Dog) (big Red Reader Series)

Rating 4
Dog Who Cried Woof


Author: Bob Barkly

Brief summary:

Because Cleo had fooled them twice before, Clifford and T-Bone ignore her cries for help.
It's essential to get a copy of Dog Who Cried Woof an incredible book. Written by Bob Barkly and the publisher is Scholastic. This was available on bookshelves on the 1st of September, 2001. The paperback children's book is focused on Dogs and is deemed a very good fiction. In the Dewey Decimal System number is PZ7.B25059 Do 2001. The book is 32 pages long and it is packed with colorfully illustrated pages. From the television script, 'The dog who cried. The book dimensions are 0.1"H x 9.04"L x 6.14"W and weighs around 0.15 lbs, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Cleo finds out why she shouldn ¹ t lie in this easy-to-read story that is based upon an episode of the Clifford PBS-TV series. After hearing the tale of Stinky the ghost skunk, Clifford and T-Bone are wary of entering the woods where the ghost is supposed to reside. Then she pretends to see, and be, Stinky the ghost to scare her friends! Cleo convinces hem there ¹ s nothing at all to be afraid of. Cleo gets a taste of her personal medicine and learns to always be truthful with her pals. But when Cleo really does need help, nobody ¹ s there! Clifford and T-bone leave the forest, frustrated by Cleo ¹ s pranks.


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