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Clifford's Big Red Ideas : T-bone Tells The Truth

Rating 4
Cliffords Big Red Ideas Tbone Tells


Author: Joanna E. Mills


When T-Bone accidentally breaks Cleo's new birdbath, he lies and claims that Clifford broke it, which hurts Clifford's feelings until T-Bone 'fesses up and Cleo accepts his apology.
Written by Joanna E. Mills and it was published by Cartwheel. The book was available on the 1st of August, 2002. The children's book concerns Dogs and it is thought of as high-quality juvenile fiction. The book has 7 pages and it has beautifully colored illustrations. For additional details on this children's book, click on our affilate button on this site.

A new Clifford series! Toddlers will enjoy reading Clifford's Golden Rules and learn right from wrong--at exactly exactly the identical time! When T-Bone lies, claiming that Clifford broke it, Clifford's feelings are hurt. In T-BONE TELLS THE TRUTH, T-Bone accidently breaks Cleo's new birdbath. Each book features a"big idea"that serves as a lesson to become learned from the characters' adventures. He apologizes to Clifford and confesses to Cleo. This new series is the perfect tool for parents who wish to gently teach their small ones some big lessons. When Cleo readily accepts his apology, T-Bone learns that it's often better to be honest. T-Bone soon realizes that he has accomplished some thing wrong.


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