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Clifford The Weather Dog (clifford The Big Red Dog)

Rating 4
Clifford The Weather Dog


Author: Sonali Fry

Looking to buy a tremendous child's book? Clifford The Weather Dog (clifford The Big Red Dog Board Book With Reusable Vinyl Peel-and-play Pieces) is a great book! The author is Sonali Fry and the publisher is Cartwheel. This book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2002. The children's book is centered on Toy and movable books as well as Board books and is thought to be nice specimens. The children's book is 5 pages long and it consists of quite a few black and white illustrations. To get the same discount I uncovered, check out the link on this page.

Here's a brand-new format for Clifford: A sturdy board book plus two sheets of reusable vinyl stickers! On this spread, kids can use vinyl stickers of earmuffs and a scarf to dress their favorite dogs. Birdwell Island gets all kinds of weather:In winter, everyone has to bundle as much as stay warm. Cleo and T-Bone wear earmuffs. They'll also have the capacity to add a snowman, snowflakes, and icicles to the scene. Clifford has a particular scarf!


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