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Clifford The Champion

Rating 4
Clifford The Champion

Cartwheel Books

Author: Norman Bridwell
Package Quantity: 1

When Clifford enters a contest to become "America's Super Dog," he proves himself a champion.
Shopping to buy a brand new child's book? Clifford The Champion is an awesome child's book. Written by Norman Bridwell and it was published around October of 2009 by Cartwheel Books. The book is concerning Dogs as well as Contests and it is considered nice fiction. The book is 40 pages long and it consists of some colorfully illustrated pages. Cartwheel Books.

A new Clifford book from Norman Bridwell--with foil on the cover! Champ does everything perfectly. Clifford has entered a contest to become America's Super Dog! He runs fast, jumps high, and is good at catching Frisbees®. Champ could be a winner, but Clifford will prove he has good sportsmanship and a winning spirit! Today, Clifford also stars in his personal Television series on PBS. But he is competing against Champ. Taller than a house and redder than a fire engine, Clifford the Large Red Dog has been loved by millions of youngsters since he was produced by Norman Bridwell in 1963.


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